Study skills that last a lifetime.

We specialize in providing enjoyable learning experiences where students discover how to create Aha! moments.

Aha! Moments happen when you close a gap in your knowledge and say, "Aha! I get it!"

Let's bust a myth.

Aha! Moments don't just occur at random. They can be created intentionally .

The Aha! Academy was designed to help students develop eight learning skills that they can immediately apply during a lesson with their teacher.

It started with a book

The book, Create Aha! Moments, examined 8 tips that anyone can apply, in order to intentionally Create Aha! Moments.

The tips come from the field of neuroscience but the course comes straight from the heart of teachers who care about helping students master every lesson, every day.


Then it evolved

We took the 8 tips and built a comprehensive course that examines and applies each one in-depth.

Students enroll in our course, and gain confidence in themselves as learners.


We're Great at Teaching Learners How to Create Aha! Moments, intentionally.

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Students will learn how to take charge of their own learning.

Let us show you how you can Create Aha! Moments.

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